At Skip’s WheelWerks, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality wheel repair, wheel customizing, wheel refinishing, and wheel polishing in the Pacific NW. Specializing in wheel repair and customizing has allowed us to acquire specialty equipment and to develop expert wheel craftsmanship which is unrivaled by other shops.

15" vintage steel wheel repair and refinishing before and after

Before and after wheel refinishing treatment

Our specialty wheel repair and customizing services include:

  • Rebuilding and refinishing of 2 and 3 piece wheels

  • Satin machine wheel finish

  • Curb rash wheel repair

  • Wheel color matching

  • Custom wheel colors

  • Wheel straightening

  • Aluminum wheel polishing

  • Wheel Painting

  • Wheel clear coating

  • Precision wheel mounting and balancing

  • Wheel installation

  • Chrome bead leak repair

  • Brake caliper painting and decal application